About Mike P. Johnson – Orange County Mortgage Advisor

My name is Mike Johnson and I am the owner of the leading orange county mortgage informational website www.mortgagehelpoc.com. I created this website and blog because I noticed a lack of easily accessible mortgage information for people that wanted to know about how to create and manage a plan to optimize their mortgage and home equity situation, and how to optimally integrate real estate owned into their overall personal and financial plans and goals. I live and work in orange county, and I belong to a number of Orange County professional organizations so I am very informed about the local market. Most of the people I work with are current homeowners so I have a lot of experience helping current homeowners sell their existing home and buy a more suitable home that fits their current set of needs. Many times this involved helping people with good income but challenged credit such as young adults moving out of mom and dad’s house and buy a home, the parents interested in moving into a more appropriately sized home that meets their current needs such as when it’s necessary to accommodate children or grandparents moving back in. Many times people get stuck in their current home because of how difficult it is for business owners to get approved for a loan, and these people need a lender with a more common sense approach to underwriting and a mortgage advisor with experience with getting business owners approved for a mortgage. If anything here pertains to you give me a call at (949) 529-0784 anytime and I’ll be happy to answer any questions. If you’re still not convinced you may be wondering exactly how I can he help you and how my services differ from any other lender. 

What Differentiates Mike From Every Other Mortgage Professional?


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How am I different?

“I am concerned with more than just getting my clients the best deal possible or merely closing their loan on time.  My primary goal is to help my clients integrate their mortgage into their long and short-term financial plans and goals.Are you struggling to find a mortgage lender that understands the nuances and complexities that come with owning a business such as irregular income or income generating assets? My goal is to provide the kind of world-class service, privacy and “custom tailoring” one might find in a five star hotel for example. My aim is to meet and exceed my clients’ expectations in every way.  I work almost exclusively with self-employed borrowers with non-traditional types of income. My clients find peace in the fact that they are working with a professional who specializes in the types of loans they are seeking, offers competitive rates and can close in a reasonable amount of time. However, I work with some people that have failed to obtain financing at other lenders and they need someone to go above and beyond to get their deal done, and many people appreciate working with someone who will do what it takes to make things happen for them. I also take the time to do a one-on-one consultation with each and every client. Consultations are free of charge and there’s no obligation required.”

7 Reasons Why Mike Is Different From The Competition:

1) I make the entire process simple and easy for them which saves time, money, and stress.

2) I will set them up with the right mortgage that fits into their personal and financial plans and goals

3) I am always looking out for my clients evidenced by proven track record of providing exceptional service and support to my clients, which gives them the piece of mind that I will always be there when they need me.

4) I offer a monetary guarantee their loan will close in 25 days or less backed by a $500 discount on day 26, and $100 for every day thereafter.

5) I have in place a systematic follow-up communication strategy for guiding people through the entire process and so they will never have to guess what is going on with their loan

6) 90% of the people that apply will close their loan with me, and 98% of my clients that paid for an appraisal saw their loan close (the other 2% were refunded by me personally

7) Clients that close a loan with me will never have to wonder if they are in the right loan again due to my personalized quarterly home value and mortgage performance reports, and annual mortgage checkups.


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